Three Things to Consider Before Taking Your Dog in the Car

Whether simply driving a few miles to run an errand or going on a cross country road trip, chances are you will take your dog with you at some point. Whereas safety features and measures for humans are widely discussed, there still appears to be a lack of knowledge when it comes to the importance of car safety for dogs and ways to keep them safe. We have listed a few reasons why it’s important to safely secure your dog when traveling with them in a car.


1. Distractions can lead to accidents


You need to keep your eyes on the road to ensure a safe journey for everyone; meaning everyone in the car, as well as outside of the car. You wouldn’t want your enthusiastic dog to suddenly jump on your lap while you’re driving down a busy road. By ensuring your pet is safely restrained, you can focus on the road, while your companion safely enjoys the ride.


2. Managing the impact


Animals are just as fragile as we are. They could be catapulted through the windshield or get stuck in the foothold upon an unexpected impact–with catastrophic results.

It is widely known that, when speaking about a car crash, most people die from the “third impact,” meaning that they don’t die from the car hitting the wall or their body hitting the steering wheel, but rather because the organs hit the ribcage. That is where the real impact and resulting damage happens, and it’s exactly the same for animals. By ensuring they are safely strapped in, you can help to minimize the severity of the impact of a crash. So, always take that into account when shopping for safety products. For instance, a crate or divider for is great for ensuring your pet can’t distract you while you’re driving and it will prevent your companion from being ejected through the windshield, but it won’t prevent them from being flung back and forth inside the crate.


3. Aftermath


After a crash, dogs become panicked and might try to jump out of the window or an open door. They might try to flee the scene and could either run into oncoming traffic or run too far and get lost. By ensuring they can’t get out of the car, you increase the chance of getting them to safety. Moreover, emergency services can sometimes be hindered or delayed because a dog might want to help their human companion and won’t let the emergency staff get close.  


There are many different ways to make sure your companion stays safe and there are many different products on the market today. But always make sure they are quality tested. Take a look at the video for more information on car safety for dogs through this video by an organization in the UK that explains both the necessity and requirements of dog safety features