A global project that aims to safeguard areas that are vital for the survival of great mammals (carnivores, herbivores and omnivores), helping them to coexist in territories where their habitats clash with human activity.

Reduce The Conflict and A Possible Alliance are distinctly different, but symbiotic activities that help the relationship between farmers and wildlife. They consider the defence of biological diversity a socio-economical value.

From 1 January 2018 – and forever – all Almo Nature’s profits are donated to projects that support dogs, cats and biodiversity. By buying or recommending Almo Nature to others, you are not just a consumer, you are also a supporter of these projects.

Farmers and predators, such as wolves, unfortunately, don’t always live in peace together. In some regions, a lot of conflict occurs, which often results in the predator being killed. To try to reduce this conflict, we provide and train livestock guardian dogs – and supply food for their nutrition – to farmers who chose this peaceful coexistence approach over more inhumane predator management methods.

From 2019, we will support food production in the European territories if the farmers will agree to two conditions: (1) high attention to the product quality and (2) respect for the biological diversity around them, including predators. We will create a platform that will support the sales for the farmers that will sign the agreement.

Since January to July 2018, 150 companies joined the Reduce The Conflict project and received support and supplies for 467 guardian dogs.

Companion Animal For Life

A project aimed at stopping abandonment and the issues surrounding stray cats and dogs, determined to help shelters speed up their adoption processes and transform catteries and kennels into places of temporary refuge.

Regenerating Villa Fortuna

Regenerating Villa Fortuna is an experimental agricultural project with the purpose of regenerating a farmland that was subject to decades of intensive cultivation