Defending cats and dogs and safeguarding biodiversity through the actions of Fondazione Capellino is at the core of Almo Nature's mission. We believe that a new pact is possible between human beings and all other living creatures. Therefore, we return 100% of the profits from our products to cats, dogs and biodiversity. Next to our own projects, "A Companion Animal Is For Life" and "Farmers&Predators," we also support others in their projects. Discover the companies, associations and initiatives that we support (Partners) or those that have a similar vision (Friends). Contact us if you would also like to become our Partner or Friend.


Dog Blood Donors

DBD – Dog Blood Donors is a database of dogs that donate blood. The database is funded by Almo Nature with the patronage of the National Association of Italian Veterinarians (ANMVI) and the National Federation of Italian Veterinarians Orders (FNOVI).

DBD identifies the blood group of dogs for free: neither the owner nor veterinarian has to pay for the service. DBD made the very first database of voluntarily registered dogs in Italy available. The database is accessible to all registered veterinary surgeons to facilitate them in their work whenever it is necessary to find a dog donor for a blood transfusion.

Legambiente Animal Help

Legambiente Animal Help is a branch of one of the most important Italian associations operating in defense of the environment, aimed specifically at monitoring wildlife and companion animals to help them and their humans.

To reduce the unsustainable impact of poaching, Legambiente teamed up with the Arma dei Carabinieri, in partnership with ENCI and the Capellino Foundation, and created an Advanced Anti-Poaching Training School to promote and develop techniques that already succeeded abroad, to combat the illegal hunting of wild species that are a symbol to the preservation of nature, such as elephants and rhinos in Africa.


This Festival takes place from 29th of June to 1st of July 2018, at the intersection between 4 provinces (Alessandria, Genoa, Pavia, Piacenza) to promote the local culture and traditions, with eyes open also towards the future.

The aim of the Festival is to create connections between the several companies and associations operating in this wide area, ranging from good food to craftsmanship, from art to sustainable tourism and outdoor activities. This will help showing to the people the potential they have in terms of economic and environmental development.

We are partners of the event, because they encourage the respect of biodiversity and also scheduled a "walk-with-dog" happening, similar to the "Cani in Libertà" we endorsed in Rome last May 2018. This specific activity will be on the 29th of June


The Chambers of Veterinarians of the Province of Cuneo (Piemonte, Italy) is starting a training course for dog owners, called "IL PATENTINO" (little license). Classes are held on June 5th – 12th and 19th - 26th and July 3rd.
The aim of the course is to provide the learners with a knowledge base on of the dog's physiological and behavioural traits, for a more responsible handling of the animal and a healthier, equal relationship.
Attendees will comprehend how to prevent bad behaviour. They will learn their duties, their civil and penal responsibilities. They also will be able to better understand the dog's body signals and sounds.

Thomas Torelli

Almo Nature endorses the tour #UnAltroMondoPerIDirittiDellaPachamama (#AnotherWorldForThePachamamasRights), that is promoting the adoption of the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth among public administrations. It takes this name from a Bolivian law released in 2010, stating that the Earth is "a collective subject of public interest", and thus must have recognised, specific rights.
For the third year, the tour, organized by eco-activist Alberto Ruz Buenfil, film director Thomas Torelli and lawyer/Maya expert Antonio Giacchetti, will visit several Italian cities to spread the word about the project. It will be made up of an institutional part (the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth's paper hand-over) and an artistic/ceremonial part, with a screening of Torelli's movie and a Ceremony for the Earth by Buenfil and Giacchetti.
Pachamama represents the ancient rituals from the Andean people of South America, where "Pacha Mama (Mother Earth)" is always at the heart of every aspect of life.

Rifugio del Colle Altino

A local branch of the National Dog Protection Association (LEGA NAZIONALE PER LA DIFESA DEL CANE), located in Camerino (Marche region), still torn by the consequences of the earthquake in 2016.
There are about 30 volunteers taking care of 230 dogs, 46 of which are elderly ones.
For this particular reason, Almo Nature is participating in their project of building a house specifically designed for older dogs, who need thorough handling.

Working Border Collie

Enrico Franco is a professional breeder and trainer of Border Collie sheepdogs. He takes part in our Farmers & Predators project that aims at harmonising the relationship between famers and predators. If you are looking for a sheepdog, we recommend to get in touch with Working Border Collie.

Catfest London

CatFest makes its debut in London on 14th July. The festival – a celebration of all things feline - is fully dedicated to cat-lovers. Festival goers can browse through fancy cat accessories, buy high quality natural pet food, connect with other cat lovers and experts, get inspired by films, art and talks from bestselling writers and enjoy vegetarian street-food. An onside adoption lounge raises awareness about cat welfare and helps cats in need. Almo Nature is the main sponsor of the event.


Paolo Rossi

Paolo Rossi is a wildlife photographer and wolf expert. He studied agriculture and wrote his diploma thesis on "The Return of the Wolf in the Ligurian Apennines". Since 2010 he works as a nature and wildlife photographer, where he mainly photographs wolves. We worked with Paolo on the book "Lupi Estremi" and his new book "Incivili".


Katzenworld is a UK based blog run by a group of friends who are passionate about cats. They keep you updated on the latest cat news which includes visiting popular pet events, cat cafes and more.


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the world’s largest animal rights organization fighting to stop the suffering of animals in four main areas - the food industry, the clothing trade, laboratories and the entertainment industry.
PETA has listed Almo Nature in their database of cruelty-free companies, because we don’t test our products on animals and are strongly against the practice of animal testing.