In our HFC wet recipes, we only use meat or fish originally fit for human consumption.

The HFC label guarantees you clear identification of the origin of the ingredients, while your cat is provided with the best natural supply of animal proteins for their balanced nutrition and physical well-being.

The European Law defines two distinct types of meat or fish as suitable for animal food:

1. originally fit for human consumption

2. originally unfit for human consumption but usable as an ingredient for pet food


In our HFC recipes, we only use meat or fish that is originally fit for human consumption. This is a guarantee for you and your cat: you can be sure about the quality of our ingredients and their origin.

Benefits of a 100% HFC meat/fish diet
Why HFC meat or fish is so important for your cat:

Simply cooked in broth or using an in-pouch bain-marie method, HFC recipes are ideal for a cat’s hydration thanks to their rich cooking water content. We don’t use meat/fish meal or dehydrated meat or fish. We don’t use any food colourants. We don’t add any preservatives. We don’t add any artificial flavours.


Cats are strict carnivores and need the best animal protein supply, which is vital both for their metabolic and biological functions.

The meat or fish from our HFC recipes are the finest source of high-quality animal proteins: no plant-based protein (e.g. derived from corn, potatoes, etc.) can provide the same amount of essential amino acids.


Meat and fish are a natural source of essential amino acids such as taurine, which is fundamental for a cat’s nervous system as well as cardiac and brain function. The origin and quality of our ingredients guarantees optimal nutrition for toned muscles, a lean feline physique, bright eyes, healthy gums, a plush, shiny coat and can also help if your cat has nutritional problems.


The animals used for our recipes are farmed with complete respect for their well-being, paying utmost attention to their physical and psychological needs.
Our fish are caught using sustainable fishing techniques in areas indicated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Almo Nature is also listed by PETA as a ‘cruelty-free’ company that does not test its products on lab animals

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